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The article includes cultural ideology of society on women, comparing to men. It is located at The Star of Chile, Saturday Jan 2, 1906, Issue No. 94.

The image is a list of advertisement pieces of the Valparaiso and West Coast Mail newspaper.

Advertisement from Star of Chile, August 6, 1904.png

The article is about Australian - Chillian flour trading relationship. It is located on the first page, under "Correspondence" section in the Valparaiso West Coast mail

The article contains children lessons narrating through stories. It is located at The Star Of Chile, Saturday, January 28, 1905, issue 26th.

This image shows the first printing machine in Chile that printed the "Aurora de Chile" newspaper. The image appear on a Chilean book written by Roberto Hernández, publishing 1930.

MC0027668 (1).jpg
image for epidemic exhib

This image belongs to the "RH ReachHispanic" Website, posted on Sept 18, 2018 by Norton Edward.

The image represent the chile football team in Santiago.

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